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HeartLab’s cardiology imaging platform makes clinicians' lives easier leading to better patient care.
Automated Workflow
Automated Workflow Enjoy an integrated and automated workflow, and higher productivity. Say goodbye to mundane tasks and wasting valuable time watching files buffer as they download.
Gain Time
Gain Time Save over an hour per day. Take that lunch break. Leave the clinic on time, or even add another patient to your schedule.
Work Remotely
Work Remotely Say hello to working remotely on your own schedule. Access patients’ echocardiograms from most connected devices, wherever you are. 
dollar sign icon Lower TCO Paying per study means only paying for what you use, offering substantially lower costs. Scale your system with flexible cloud storage and transparent costs.
rocket icon Fast Cloud infrastructure allows real-time data streaming. That means near instant access to any study and any data, from mosts connected devices.
lock icon Secure & Compliant Independently audited and certified SOC 2 and HIPAA compliant. Stay focused on your core competencies, and let HeartLab handle the rest.
rising arrow icon Improves With You Moving to the cloud means you reap the benefits of an ever-improving platform, with the latest  features delivered at no extra cost.
Who We Work with

HeartLab in Action

Woman viewing medical images on a laptop

Victoria Heart

Independent Cardiology Practice, AUS
Hannah Sutterfield in front of West Michigan Cardiology

West Michigan Cardiology

Comprehensive Heart and Vascular Services, US
Dr. Phil Currie

Cardio Vascular Services (CVS)

Private Cardiology Practice, AUS