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A Cardiology Imaging Platform That Lets You Work Smarter

Spend more time with patients delivering positive health outcomes.

Cloud-based Cardiology Imaging Platform

Our vision is to empower cardiac clinicians to better address the growing cardiovascular disease crisis.
We designed HeartLab to replace legacy (on-premise) cardiology PACS products with a cloud-based platform for cardiac imaging. 

Studies can be quickly accessed from most connected devices, and easily shared with patient care teams even when working remotely.

Legacy PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) software can cause stress and frustration for cardiac care providers. Studies can take a long time to buffer and download; prior echocardiograms are often inaccessible forcing clinicians to rely solely on written reports; and sharing information across teams is challenging.

HeartLab changes all that. Using our platform you'll experience:

  • Near instant access to high quality images
  • Customizable, branded report templates
  • Scalable and secure cloud storage

HeartLab’s cloud-based cardiology imaging platform can be accessed from most connected devices, anytime, enabling clinicians to work smarter and faster and deliver the best patient care.


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