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HeartLab Experiences Strong YoY Growth in ANZ - Fast Becoming Loved Brand With Cardiac Teams

HeartLab, the cloud-based cardiology imaging platform created by Kiwi founder, Will Hewitt, and his team, has experienced strong growth in Australia and New Zealand over the last year. With 13 new cardiology clinics added recently in the region, HeartLab now has a presence in all six Australian states, with key customer wins including: Gippsland Cardiac Tech, Victorian Heart and Lung Clinic, Cardio Vascular Services, Strong Hearts, One Heart Cardiology, and Waikato Heart in New Zealand. 

HeartLab is on a mission to bring efficiency to cardiology imaging workflows. Its cloud-based cardiology imaging platform offers several advantages over legacy Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS). In particular, it enables real-time collaboration so cardiac care teams can deliver the best outcomes for their patients.

“We are experiencing significant growth and are fast approaching 500,000 echocardiogram studies managed in HeartLab in ANZ,” said Will Hewitt, CEO, HeartLab. “Our customers understand the power and value of having their PACS in the cloud to improve efficiency, enable remote working, facilitate collaboration and ultimately improve patient care.”

These benefits are proving to be of great value to clinical care teams responsible for patients in rural areas of Australia, where the consulting cardiologist may be many miles away from the sonographer and the patient.

“Our new mobile echocardiogram clinic covers the Northern Territory in Australia,” said Alex Kaethner, founder of Strong Hearts. “The fact that HeartLab enables remote access from anywhere with Wi-Fi coverage, is critical to our ability to provide patient care. The reporting cardiologist may be thousands of kilometers away in one location, while I’m in a rural clinic, yet we can collaborate in near real-time. On occasion we have even been able to get an acute patient admitted to the hospital within 30 minutes of completing the echocardiogram.”

The owner of Gippsland Cardio Tech, Sean Priestly, explains how the cloud-based workflow has helped clinicians throughout the entire process.

“Before we started to use HeartLab for its cloud-based cardiology imaging capabilities, our workflow was very fragmented,” said Priestly. “Back in the day we’d have to send images on a USB stick by courier. More recently, we stitched together Dropbox - which didn’t offer a viewer - with scanned and emailed reports. In really urgent cases we’d have to share a phone video of the images with the consultant. 

“HeartLab has changed all that. We can easily collaborate with cardiologists many miles away, almost in real-time; reporting is easy to do, and we can simply compare and contrast prior studies when needed,” said Priestly.

This week, HeartLab is heading to Port Douglas for the Heart Meeting and Expo. Come and meet the team and book a demo here